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Smart Healthcare

Improving patient outcomes with data insights.

Better data means
better patient care

IoT and other digital technologies are the best allies of your health facility. Engaging in partnership with NTT Smart Solutions allows you to deliver integrated healthcare to become more collaborative, personalized and accessible.

Your patients deserve smarter healthcare.

Improve patient safety and hospital experience

Increase efficiency in emergency situations

Save time and resources

Statistics allows for better planning

One Innovative solution for every challenge

Space Solutions
to empower your Smart Healthcare

#Enhanced Patient Observation

An optical sensor system is installed in patient rooms and sends the information to one common dashboard.

One authorized observer can monitor multiple patients at the same time.

The system detects when a patient attempts to move from a safe position (bed, chair, etc.).

For non-emergency situations, the observer can communicate through audio communication.

Specific help can be dispatched when needed, thereby increasing efficiency.

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