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Harness the power of data to connect, protect and enhance your city.

Every corner of your city is brimming with data. It’s running across your splendid boulevards, in your streets, in your traffic lights, there are data in every amenities of your parks.

Now it’s up to you to transform it into knowledge and action.

How can your city benefit from NTT Smart Solutions?

Improve management of public spaces
Create a safer city
Design a better transport network
Increase the standard of living

Data can cover all your city needs

  • Facilities usage analytics for better management
  • Crowd monitoring for planning purposes
  • Environmental intelligence for indoor and urban air quality monitoring
  • Public transportation occupancy, adjust service and inform travellers
  • Incident prevention and response to public unsafe situations
  • Prevention and response to unsafe driving
  • Traffic trends for better planning and mobility

Zoom in – Smart Parks

#Enhanced Public Safety
The system detects unsafe situations and allows for handling emergency situations effectively and on time.

#Enhanced Occupancy Control
Detects unexpected crowds and makes accurate statistics to predict future occupancy.

Sustainability and Cities

Becoming a Smart City & Parks is the most effective way to choose green. We design sustainable cities that incorporate environmentally friendly practices to reduce their negative impact on the planet.