Maximizing Wellbeing
for everyone

Promoting human rights, diversity and inclusion through integrity and strong ethical values that are embedded in our business innovations and technologies.

A Quick Summary

Maximizing Wellbeing for Everyone

In NTT, we are promoting human rights, diversity and inclusion through integrity and strong ethical values that are embedded in our business innovations and technologies. We have three main focus areas: respect for human rights, diversity and inclusion and creating new work style models.


Improving Wellbeing in Workplaces

Good Mental Health Is Your Company’s Best Asset

With anxiety and depression costing the global economy $1 trillion a year in lost productivity, investing in workplace wellbeing is a win-win for employees, employers and broader society

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Employees and Corporate Sustainability

Employees wanting to get involved are a key component to success, helping their employers to rally colleagues and peers, creating a collective action group that can serve as advocates for positive change. Learn what NTT is doing to engage its employees as it embark on its sustainability journey.


Health and Wellbeing

Leading the way to a Better Life of Health and Wellbeing

NTT is leading the way to a better life of health and wellbeing. Discover our vision of this future and all the initiatives we are working on.

Three Areas of Focus

Respect for human rights

Respecting human rights is an important foundation for creating a safe, secure, prosperous, and sustainable society. NTT strives to correctly understand and recognize each country's and region's laws, cultures, religions and values.

Diversity & Inclusion

NTT believes that differences are considered as value, and we aim to transform that value into a viable force. We are creating workplaces where a diverse range of employees can achieve their full potential, assuring diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Creating new work style models

Establishing and maintaining a healthy and motivated workforce results in a more positive contribution to society and higher levels of productivity. That's why NTT is embracing new working models that better accommodate employees' daily working lives.

Business Case

Supporting Girls in Education

NTT is committed to the right to learn. In 2017, NTT “adopted” a government-aided girls’ school in Mumbai, India. Thanks to the computer lab, science lab or the library, or through the vocational training sessions, more than 1,000 girls are now computer literate and 95% enroll in college education.


Let’s Talk: Sustainability

A ‘Toast’ to brilliant public speaking

Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization that provides teaching and education in public speaking and leadership skills. Adult programming is delivered through both public and company-sponsored clubs—like Toastmasters at NTT DATA.

Let’s Talk: Sustainability

Breaking the Bias

Companies that are more diverse and inclusive are 35% more likely to outperform. The mission of this NTT Ltd employee is to ensure greater equality and equity at work for all in the company.

Let’s Talk: Sustainability

Empowering female leadership through Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts is a global movement dating back to 1912. In that time, it has seen significant change and today The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts is the largest voluntary movement dedicated to girls and young women.

Let’s Talk: Sustainability

Celebrating Diversity

It is hard to believe that in some countries today it is still illegal to be gay. In fact homosexual activity remains illegal in 70 countries - only 65% of people living in United Nations countries can now be considered in legally consenting, same-sex relationships.

Let’s Talk: Sustainability

Life and Death

Death is not a topic that comes easily to most and yet it will happen to us all at some point. At the age of 16, Maurice was told his father had died. They hadn’t met for some time and there had been several years where there was no contact at all so the impact of this news was profound.

Let's talk: Sustainability

Force for Good: The NTT Ltd Mental Health Avengers

Mental health affects us all. For some it is a deeply personal experience that takes hold at a particular point in time. For others, mental health may be something that witnessed through the experiences of others – friends, family or relatives.

Let's talk: Sustainability

From Catering to Cloud - finding new talent from unlikely sources

Job seekers returning to work often find themselves in a bind. They’ve had a great start in their careers, excellent skills, sought after degrees and yet their lack of recent work experience means employers are reluctant to hire them. How do you get experience if no-one is willing to give you a chance.

Let's talk: Sustainability

Creating A Community Of Change Leaders

In North America, employees at NTT DATA have been keen to join a sustainability action group led by Fernanda Gallardo. What started out as a small group of friends has now become the fastest growing employee resource group within the organization and it’s a topic about which people are passionate.

Discover the 9 NTT Commitments to Wellbeing

Introducing various initiatives to move to a culture of togetherness.


Compliance with Human Rights policy

Human rights for the benefit of society



Diversity, equity in the workplace

Ensuring inclusion



Supporting family care

Enabling flexible working



Improving employee health

Supporting career development



Promoting digital transformation

Global human rights policy at NTT

NTT will adhere to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights across its corporate activities fulfilling its commitment to be a socially responsible global employer. Established the NTT Human Rights Committee

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Human rights for the benefit of society

By adopting the highest possible standards in human rights, we will work to ensure our suppliers and partners adopt the same principles as NTT, respecting local country laws and cultures. NTT Group Global Human Rights Policy applies to the entire NTT Group value chain

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Encouraging a diverse workforce

We will work to ensure all Group employees can achieve their full potential and provide more opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds.

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Creating welcoming workplaces

In NTT, everyone is valued and has equal access to opportunities regardless of their gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation. Employees with disabilities are given equal access to opportunities in a welcoming workplace.

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Supporting family care

We will provide opportunities for people to more easily manage their commitments in providing care for children or elderly relatives through workplace flexibility and a culture that values time spent with family.

Enabling flexible working

By embracing digital technologies NTT can support greater diversity in employee work styles with increased remote and flexible working patterns.

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Promoting employee health

Through prioritizing employee health we hope to improve overall well-being. Since employee safety is of paramount importance we have set up a Health Management Promotion Committee to collaborate across the Group and support a balanced and positive working culture.

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Supporting career development

To ensure employee satisfaction we are more actively promoting training opportunities for employees through on-the-job learning, in-house certification and attainment of external qualifications. NTT seeks to enable every employee to maximise their abilities and grow their professional careers.

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Promoting digital transformation

NTT is working to automate and digitize processes in order to reduce waste. Through new digital processes NTT will eliminate the need for paper-based printing in bills and order processing.

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