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Business runs on data. Today, with an ever-increasing number of sensors, connected systems and other data feeds there is a massive amount of information straining your technology infrastructure. This abundance of data may seem overwhelming however at the same time it represents a great opportunity for you. Deep in this data is the key to your business success.

NTT Smart Solutions can help transform your data into actionable intelligence. Powered by a big data engine, our solutions can calibrate and curate data in record time with highly accurate results. This approach reveals trends that are hidden in your data that you may not have even realized existed, helps you discover powerful insights, uncovers data sources which you did not even realize impacted your decisions and generates predictive analytics that help drive your business decisions.

NTT is a leading global technology and services provider for your digital journey: from planning and strategic design, to implementation, deployment and ongoing support.

Start Safe, Grow Fast

Whether you start with a pilot program or with phased deployments, it’s up to you.

Harness The Power Of Data

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Innovative Solutions
In Today's World

The world is faced with a health emergency impacting many people’s lives and wellbeing. At NTT we are accelerating our smart solutions to focus on helping alleviate the impact of this crisis. We know that there are endless possibilities that good data and analytics can provide to help address the challenges. We are committed to support people, clients and communities during this difficult time and to help them move into a better future with confidence.

The Future Begins
In The Great City Of Las Vegas

Once again, the City of Las Vegas has shown its innovative and pioneering spirit, taking the lead to become a truly Smart City. They engaged the NTT Accelerates Smart team in a partnership that improves situational awareness to improve public safety, with innovative solutions that accelerate decision making and responsiveness.

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