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Surgical robots using IOWN APN will be available in 2023. In this technology, high bandwidth and low latency optical networks are used based on IOWN APN technology and equipment. This two-way information transmission is critical to ensure a stable work environment with high-quality voice communication and imagery transmission. With APN, it is as if the operator and robotic device are in the same place.

In remote medicine, low and unfluctuating latency enables the stable operation of precision robots. This gives the potential for more medical treatment to be delivered in the most challenging of locations, such as those in highly remote areas or conflict zones. High-performing video transmission with low latency means there is no flicker while operating in a high-security environment that embeds added encryption technology.

APN services provide an answer to improving the safety of operations such as checking equipment, fine-tuning valves in elevated locations and working in hazardous areas. Potential uses of the technology extend to use in operating smart factories and in chemical plants reducing the need for difficult and challenging staffing requirements.