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NTT and the Consulate of Japan in San Francisco co-sponsored a thought leadership and networking event in the NTT Experience Center on “Enabling Industry Transformation with Emerging Technology.​

Esteemed guest Mr. Osumi Yo, Consul General of Japan in San Francisco opened the event followed by a presentation from Kazuhiro Gomi, NTT Research’s CEO on innovative technologies like Quantum Computing, Digital Twins, and Biotech. NTT DATA leaders in Private 5G, smart analytics and an NTTVC portfolio company, Celona presented on how we are supporting business transformation today with innovative wireless technology. Venture capitalists from leading Japanese firms like Honda, Toyota, Marubeni, Hitachi, and Docomo, shared investment trends in deep tech connecting back to industry transformation in their organizations.

“We were delighted to co-host the Enabling Industry Transformation with Emerging Technology event in the NTT Experience Center with the Consulate of Japan in San Francisco. NTT has a long term commitment to our investment in innovation in basic research in California attracting top talent from the best universitates to drive fundamental research that delivers innovation with purpose. We want to thank Mr. Osumi Yo for his participation and sponsorship bringing together industry tech leaders, startups, venture capitalists and consulate teams from Korea, Austria and Israel. We look forward to continuing to bring our global community together in forums like this culminating in Upgrade, our annual event showcasing our significant investment in innovation and research and development,” said Kazuhiro Gomi, CEO NTT Research.

“San Francisco has historically been center stage to Japan-U.S. relations. Silicon Valley has long been a driving force behind global innovation, many Japanese companies have historically joined in this advancement, creating nearly 105,000 jobs. Our Consulate will actively support Japanese companies in further strengthening economic relations with the US. Recently we sponsored an event with NTT at their Experience Center in downtown San Francisco hosting Japanese Companies, startup leaders, venture capitalists, local university professors from Berkeley and Stanford, and leaders from Japanese companies like Honda, Toyota, Marubeni, and Hitachi. During this event we had the opportunity to network and listen to local community leaders in emerging technology and deep tech. This supports our endeavor to further relations between Japan and the Silicon Valley innovation and investment ecosystem in Northern California.”.​

NTT builds innovation ecosystems as a global connector during events like this in the Experience Center. We are disrupting industries for good, shaping a better society to live and work in. We are committed to making breakthroughs that enable a more human-centered and naturally connected future.​