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Quantum change is needed to meet the world’s coming technological and social needs. With artificial intelligence (AI) and other new innovative services on the rise, today’s networking and computing infrastructure that supports the internet won’t be able to keep up with tomorrow’s needs for faster response time, demands on power, and massive amounts of data.

That’s why NTT is collaborating with trusted innovation partners to lead a movement from electronics to photonics-based networking, computing and devices ecosystems.

We are using the power of light to enable the next internet.

IOWN, innovation, and the internet of the future

As a long-term innovator, we believe the internet needs a fundamental change to drive prosperity and wellbeing for people around the world. To help achieve this vision, we are leading the way toward the development of Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN). IOWN will use optical technologies to transform electronic connections into photonic connections, increasing transmission speeds and improving responsiveness while consuming extremely low levels of power.

The transformation from electronics to photonics will connect and enable computers, devices, sensors and networks, and deliver ultra-high-capacity, ultra-low-latency and ultra-low-power communications. The goal is to reduce power consumption to one one-hundredth of current usage, increase transmission capacity by 100 times, and lower end-to-end latency by a factor of 200. This, in turn, will transform the world, across industries ranging from education to transportation to sports and entertainment, improving speed, innovation, productivity, and decision-making with instant data transfer.

Trusted partners working in collaboration

The move to photonics can only happen if companies and people from around the globe join forces to collaborate and innovate.

That’s why NTT is working with more than 130 global partners through a consortium called the IOWN Global Forum to accelerate this transformational concept. We founded the IOWN Global Forum along with Intel and Sony. Through it, we are working toward a world where data, activities and people come together to create a fully connected society in which everyone can benefit from advanced technology seamlessly tailored to them and their environment.

Ethical and sustainable technology

As an ethical technology company, NTT has a strong commitment to creating technology that will improve both social and environmental sustainability. We are committed to delivering security, privacy and sustainability in the next internet, to enable a world that is good for people, prosperity and the planet.

IOWN offers this based on global open architecture optical transport, enabling equity by providing access to a new, energy-efficient digital society for all and supporting a more sustainable planet by cutting energy use.

The next internet, driven by IOWN, offers a blueprint for a more sustainable future. Relying on our current electronic technology to handle tomorrow’s increased data volume would consume enormous amounts of electricity. Photonics is an ultra-low power alternative that allows internet usage to scale while reducing power consumption.

Advancing into the future

The next internet will give people and businesses the capacity to move beyond the limits of conventional internet infrastructure. As a result, computing will become so ubiquitous that people can use it without even thinking about it – making computing as simple as turning on a light switch is today. Everyone will have access, allowing for improved well-being for all.

NTT’s innovation culture, supported by trusted global partnerships, will ensure that the internet of the future will make the world a better, more sustainable place.