Committed to a
Sustainable Future

Sustainability drives the way we do business

We are working to solve social and environmental challenges together with our partners.

Connecting innovation with protecting the planet

Sustainability is all encompassing and includes every element of our life, our work, our health and our communities. We are at a tipping point to make a meaningful shift and set forth the changes we want to see.

Our commitment is to creating greater harmony and maximizing societal wellbeing using technological innovation while working to solve social challenges that support a more prosperous and harmonious society.

Words from our CEO

The NTT Vision for a Sustainable World

Companies that place people and the planet alongside profit are best positioned to thrive in the coming years. But, most significantly, their success will enable societies to flourish in a virtuous circle.

Building a Better World

Why Sustainability is Becoming More Important in Business

WSJ Intelligence conducted an online quantitative survey of 350 CEOs of large corporations to understand their views on how business should contribute to society’s goals. Around 21% of the respondents have been defined as “leaders,” since they display leading-class approaches for mission-driven and sustainability practices and the same level or above average for all other measures.

A new philosophy to rethink the future: “Self-as-We”

NTT’s approach is founded on the concept of “Self-as-We”, an idea that promotes the positive interdependence of people, nature and technology - moving from isolated groups toward more diverse cultures and highly connected communities. Through an altruistic and highly ethical approach, we will develop initiatives and innovations to promote economic growth while contributing to realizing a more sustainable society.


Discover the Concept Behind NTT’s Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability Charter

Toward a Better Us


The concept of “Self-as-We” supports a transition from individuality toward highly connected communities.

The three pillars
of sustainable

Building a more connected and greener future is a complex task. To drive us through this sustainable journey, we divided our initiative plan into three pillars that explore different solutions-oriented approaches.

We aim to improve our clients’ returns and
the world we live in.

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Solutions that make a difference

We are accelerating technological innovation that supports society and industry as a whole by collaborating with partners and innovation experts.

At NTT, innovation is a part of our culture. We are constantly transforming businesses for success, disrupting industries for good, and shaping a better society for us all to live and work in.

NTT Initiatives

Getting started on your Data-Driven sustainability journey

Sustainability is the topic everyone is talking about. It’s not just at home, not just something the kids are working on for a school project but a very present topic we are living with both at home and at work. Sustainability affects us all. Whether it’s a need to reduce energy consumption, an increased focus on recycling or improving diversity at work, sustainability is a top priority.


NTT Initiatives

A data-driven approach for your sustainability journey

Use data to bring your sustainability journey to life. You can only improve what you measure. That’s why our innovative data analytics solution helps you to track and quantify your environmental footprint. We offer you one solution for all your regulatory compliance that will drive optimization and enhance your sustainability initiatives.


Innovation for a
Sustainable Future

The greatest innovations come from being able to reimagine the future. IOWN (Innovative Optical and Wireless Network) is the latest example of an innovation that contributes to a sustainable world, lighting up the potential of new technologies that will break through current limitations. We make the kind of breakthroughs that enable a more naturally connected and sustainable future.

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