Creating New Experiences for Baseball Fans

NTT is working with Major League Baseball (MLB) to explore and leverage the most advanced technologies for fan engagement

Creating New Experiences for Baseball Fans

NTT is working with MLB to explore and leverage the most advanced technologies for fan engagement

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MLB and NTT share a vision of using technology to help organizations and communities achieve their goals in the Smart World digital era and create impactful customer experiences. Major League Baseball is the oldest of the major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada where a total of 30 member clubs participate in the highest level of professional baseball worldwide. NTT is the “Official MLB Fan Experience Partner for Ultra Reality Viewing” and “Title Sponsor of the MLB Network Ballpark Cam.”

Fan Engagement &
Customer Experience

NTT’s Ultra Reality Viewing successfully debuted in the United States with MLB in October 2019 for Game 3 of the American League Division Series presented by Doosan between the Houston Astros and Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field using NTT’s advanced technology to transmit a real time surround video experience to remote locations creating a life-like atmosphere that put the remote viewers into the ballpark.

Business Transformation

Transformation is integral to MLB’s fan engagement and objective to grow with new generations of fans. MLB and NTT have developed a formal collaboration exploration process between MLB and NTT to continue innovation across many areas that also devises a comprehensive strategy with detailed plan roadmaps to execute. The potential benefits to MLB and its member clubs are many. These include the ability to influence new revenue sources and increase engagement among existing fans and attract new fans.

About NTT’s Ultra Reality Viewing Solution

Ultra Reality Viewing is NTT’s real-time super high-definition surround video synthesis technology that combines images into a single super-wide image such as 12K in real time and transmits them synchronously to remote locations. With these super high-definition surround videos that cannot be captured by general-use cameras, high-fidelity audio technologies are also used to capture all of the original sound. The combined video and audio is then transmitted to remote locations without any loss of quality or time delay to where audiences can view the sports or events content as if they were watching it live in the stadium, on the field, or at the theater. This proven solution is based on NTT R&D unique “Kirari!” technology that has already been successfully enhancing viewing and fan experiences in Japan.

For more information about the NTT R&D “Kirari” technology, please visit

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Changing the Game
How NTT is Shaping the Future of Sports

At NTT, we are committed to driving change that enhances society. Through technology and innovation, NTT is shaping the future of sports by enabling revolutionary experiences for athletes, fans, and sporting organizations.

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