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Use data to bring your sustainability journey to life. Show progress and measure impact with one solution

You can only improve what you measure. That’s why our innovative data analytics solution helps you to track and quantify your environmental footprint. We offer you one solution for all your regulatory compliance that will drive optimization and enhance your sustainability initiatives.

How can your organization benefit from NTT Smart Solutions?

Optimize sustainability initiatives
Reach your goals faster
Enhance employee engagement
Enable organizational transparency

Data transformed can cover all your sustainability initiatives

  • Cross organisation reporting
  • Measurable sustainability portfolio roadmap
  • Visibility into footprint by asset associated with production and distribution
  • Persona-driven visibility into initiatives and emission footprint

Zoom in – Our guiding principles

Data analytics provides insights and trends that drive optimization and allow for better planning.

Sustainability is different for every company or public brach.

#Cost Conscious
The cost of measure can’t exceed the potential impact from the measurement.

#Employee impact
Employees can take ownership of sustainability and yield the greatest engagement.

#Asset focus
Equipment/building yield the greatest impact.

A roadmap for a more sustainable future

The 2030 Agenda proposes a change in the social, economic, and environmental paradigm through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We firmly support this bold initiative and hope our solutions can help restore the balance of the planet while improving the quality of life of the people around us.

Sustainability and Smart Venues

Today, events and tourism industry are sensitive to the needs of the host communities, visitors, and our living planet. NTT Smart Solutions bring the technology to offer an exclusive eco-friendly experience that minimizes environmental impacts.

Smart Venues promote green values and contribute to reducing water waste and plastic products.