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Diversity in innovation leadership forum

The Diversity in Innovation Leadership Forum at NTT’s Experience Center in San Francisco brought together a unique mix of experienced business leaders, influential innovators in technology, financial services, industry, public sector and healthcare to discuss the role of diversity in innovation.

"Diversity in innovation leadership is vital in today's world as it brings together a spectrum of perspectives and experiences, fostering creativity and enabling a broader range of solutions. It enhances market relevance, improves problem-solving, mitigates risks, promotes inclusivity, attracts top talent, and ensures ethical compliance. In today's interconnected world, diverse leadership teams are better equipped to drive innovation and navigate complex challenges effectively."
Vito Mabrucco, Global CMO, NTT Corporation

This forum provided an opportunity to learn, network, and hopefully inspire continuous and thoughtful innovation for not only business results but societal benefit, through different topics:

  • Community, Diversity and Non-Profit Contribution
  • NTT Diversity, Tech Innovation and Industry Transformation
  • Foundations for Innovation: Developing an inclusive culture for Innovation & Success
  • From the Lab to the Boardroom: Innovation Today Together
  • Financial Services: Innovation & Operations
  • Digital Health and Gen AI in Healthcare
  • Women and the Board (Public and Private)
  • AI & Product Innovation
  • Ideation, Creativity and Change Leadership