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Every corner of your city is brimming of data. It’s running across your splendid boulevards, in your streets, in your traffic lights, there are data in every amenities of your parks.

Now it’s up to you to transform it into knowledge and action.

Improve management of public spaces

Create a safer city

Design a better transport network

Increase the standard of living of your citizens

One Innovative solution for every challenge

Space Solutions
to empower your Smart City

#Enhanced Public Safety

The system detects unsafe situations (such as vandalism in the area, gunshots breaking glass, panic, screaming…).

Real-time information enables emergency situations to be handled effectively and in time.

#Enhanced Occupancy Control

IoT automatically counts people and detects unexpected crowds.

Accurate statistics predict future occupancy and allow appropriate assignment of resources.

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Traffic Solutions
to empower your Smart City

#Enhanced Mobility

Camera devices track the flow of vehicles moving through an area.

At the same time, data analytics generate traffic trends and make predictions.

Accurate statistics empower the mobility of the city.

#Enhanced Safe Driving

The system promptly detects unsafe driving (for example, cars driving the wrong way).

It allows city personnel to react in time and handle the situation.

Data analytics discover traffic trends and detect risk sectors, enabling infrastructure.

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