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NTT Innovation Laboratory Israel is NTT’s strategic hub to Israel’s ecosystem. Join the community and learn about our events.

NTT Innovation Laboratory Israel

We are committed to innovation. That is why NTT has established a subsidiary in Israel to combine NTT’s business and vision with the cutting-edge Israeli technology environment.

Israel is a unique and fertile ground for innovation. The deployment of many successful startups and the housing of global tech company’s lay the perfect conditions to start a technological and business journey.

NTT will be empowered by top-notch solutions developed in Israel. As a result, new value will be added to our solutions, services and strategic resources.

Let’s work

NTT Israel is proud to present Israeli collaboration opportunities to NTT subsidiaries in various segments with an emphasis on cyber security, digital health and AI Robotics.

By creating synergies between us and the Israeli ecosystem, we’ll drive a fertile exchange of ideas, thoughts and innovation for the benefit of everyone involved, sharing value and knowledge in all directions.

We are on a mission to support your innovation journey. Our offerings include open innovation processes such as scouting tech for your use cases, industry reports, company briefings, pilots and evaluation services, tech road-shows and more.
Talk to us if you’re interested in learning more.

Moreover, we will also aid Israeli companies (around 9,000 and counting) to navigate within NTT, helping them to collaborate and find new markets, giving rise to new opportunities and projects.


Developed from Israel
security needs


500+ innovative

Digital Health

98% digitalized
healthcare system


675+ innovative


Future decade focused
national programs


Growth engine with about
20% of high-tech companies

for Success

No matter where you are or at what stage your project is. We can support your innovation needs. Our method follows four steps:

1 Discover
Innovation know-how from the Israeli ecosystem, discover disruptive technologies, new business models and ideas.
2 Define
Define your needs and use case to find the right solution. Technology partner within the Israeli ecosystem.
3 Evaluate
Meet the companies, evaluate their strengths and relevancy, tech assessment, pilot.
4 Engage
Co-innovation, commercialization support, smart and strategic investments, integration.
Our team
can boost your
innovation journey

NTT Israel’s multi-disciplinary team is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between the Israeli innovation and NTT.

NTT Innovation Laboratory Israel

Noa Asher


Cyber security, Academy relations, Labs.
Moshe Karako
Digital healthcare, Marketing.
Kineret Muller
Director of business
HQ Liaison
Izumi Kousaka
Chief Customer Liaison Officer
Robotics AI, Telecommunications.
Asaf Green
Director of technological
Your journey to innovation
starts here

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