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The NTT Experience Center is one of the few places in the world that all of NTT’s operating companies, ecosystem partners, and clients can come together to learn about NTT, discuss the most interesting trends in the industry, and build community to support innovation for a more sustainable and harmonious society. Together we co-create thought leadership content during our events, workshops, and meetings in this unique space in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The NTT XC Podcast

Episode 7: Regulating AI
David Jeppsen, Chief of Global Public Affairs for NTT Corporation
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Episode 6: Zero Trust and Bring Your Own Device
Alberto Laparra, NTT DATA Chief Information Security Officer
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Episode 5: Zero Trust and Trends in the Security Market
Warren Small, Global Vice President for Strategic
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Episode 4: Zero Trust Preventing and Protecting Organizations from Attacks
Moshe Karako, CTO of NTT Innovation Lab in Israel
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Episode 3: How to Driving Bleeding Edge Zero Trust Innovation
John Petrie, Counselor to the Global CISO - NTT Security Holdings
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Episode 2: Collaboration in Zero Trust
Sean Lawrence, Vice President for Global IT Strategy
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Episode 1: The Zero Trust Experience
Steve Williams, Enterprise CISO - NTT DATA Americas
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Zero Trust Profile Book

An overview of NTT’s approach to adopting a common Zero Trust framework. And how our partners and startups are defining their own journey and the meaning of Zero Trust for them.

Conversations with

Bill Baver
Vice President of Smart Solutions
NTT DATA Services
Bill Baver explains how they are using real-time and predictive analytics to drive business results in various sectors.
Parm Sandhu
Vice President of Enterprise 5G Products and Services
Parm Sandhu describes how 5G is transforming different industries and the potential it's unlocking.
Warren Small
Vice President New Ventures & Innovation
Warren Small talks about how NTT is incubating innovation and how they check the emerging trends and leverage the technologies in the group.
Keith Koo
Tech Influencer & Investor
Keith Koo discusses how future technologies, like photonics, come into the market and the impact they can have on society.
Monette Stephens
Chief Officer
SF Growth Capital
Monette Stephens talks about her role as a mentor in accelerator programs and how to accelerate innovation and develop growth strategies.

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