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Innovations for a Sustainable Future

Innovation and invention has been part of our heritage for over 120 years. With our continuous commitment and investment in Research and Development, we are always thinking long term for the benefit of our clients and communities.

R&D at a Glance

NTT believes that our innovations and inventions contribute to benefit our clients and communities. We recognize that our investment in Research and Development is crucial to our ability to support our clients’ digital transformation goals, create new business opportunities, and to improve the way people and communities live.  

Infographic that reads the following: 5,500 R&D Professionals; 40 IEEE Fellows (including former colleagues); 3 Times Awarded IEEE Milestones; 16,000+ Patents Granted; 1,300+ Technical Papers Annually; $3.6 BILLION Invested in R&D per Year (total of group companies*)