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We help you to design an efficient and climate-resilient transportation network.

Public transport infrastructure is incredibly complex. Herds of passengers. No end of buses or trains. Countless routes and itineraries. This vast amount of information can be crucial if you know how to use it.

Turning to data analytics means your transport network can realize its full potential.

How can your transportation benefits
from NTT Smart Solutions?

Enhanced conmuter experiences: operational, occupancy and planning

Enhanced traffic predictions and safe driving

Improve customer satisfaction

Obtain cost savings by usage predictions

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Smart Transit

#Enhanced commuter experience

Passengers can easily check the occupancy levels of a particular station and plan the best time to travel.

#Enhanced Occupancy Control

Detects the current area occupancy level for stations and vehicles enabling better assignment of resources.


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Smart Traffic

#Enhanced Traffic Predictions

Camera devices track the flow of vehicles moving through an area. At the same time, data analytics generate traffic trends and make predictions. Accurate statistics empower the mobility of the city.

#Enhanced Safe Driving

The system promptly detects unsafe driving (for example, cars driving the wrong way). It allows city personnel to react in time and handle the situation. Data analytics discover traffic trends and detect risk sectors, enabling infrastructure.


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Smart Tolling

#Enhanced Traffic Predictions

System allows for the monitoring of data and devices geospatially, as a digital twin, or graphically. Alerts can be established based on incidents, thresholds, or future predictions, and the system can also provide access to video snippets of historical events and live video streams. Accurate statistics provide ability for better planning.

#Enhance Safety and Efficiency

System detects incidents and potential disruptions improving situational awareness and operational efficiencies. Real-time information allows to handle emergency situations effectively and communicate any disruptions to commuters. Predictive analytics enable predictive maintenance and increased efficiencies.

#Enhance Commuter Experience

Commuters can monitor traffic level and disruptions in realtime. Real-time information allows them to plan their journeys accordingly and avoid delays. It helps provide a better customer experience and more personalized communications.

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Sustainability and
Smart Transportation

We are on the road to sustainable transport. NTT Smart Solutions can help you to implement structural changes that can make positive impacts on emission levels and air quality.

Smart Transportation reduces air pollution and promotes the use of renewable resources of energy.

Facing new
challenges in Public
Transportation in
Victoria, Australia

Analytics and Big Data are your best allies in mitigating the impact of COVID-19.

Our wide range of solutions helps your transport network
go further

Smart Venues

Enriching the entertainment industry and the fan experience

Hosting major events is always a challenge. Luckily, NTT Smart Solutions can help you to better monitor crowds in real-time and handle any emergency that may occur.

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