Rethink The Traditional

How we live, learn and work is undergoing profound change, and technology is moving fast to facilitate that. Practical digital transformation is what we must focus on now.

Our world is reshaping. Traditional ways of living and working are undergoing profound change, and technology is moving faster than ever to facilitate that. Whether it’s working remotely, using virtual healthcare or responding to a rise in network cyberattacks, the practicalities of digital transformation are what we must focus on now.

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Building the Future Series

Reshaping Our World

Leveraging our technology expertise, NTT is protecting frontline hospitals from cyberattacks. NTT believes in the power of technology to positively contribute to society.

Building the Future Series

Securing Our Digital World

Digital technologies have become more central to our lives during Covid-19—and trust in digital systems depends on keeping them secure. How are companies reinforcing cybersecurity amid new threats?

Building the Future Series

Moving Forward From The Covid-19 Crisis

Digital tools have played a vital role in helping companies survive the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of the changes will become permanent as people adapt to a new normality.

Building the Future Series

How Digital Tools Are Improving Global Health

Digital technologies are providing valuable tools to tackle global health crises from Covid-19 to dementia and heart disease.

Building the Future Series

Connecting Supply Chains With Digital Technology/h3>

As the global supply chain bounces back from Covid-19, digital technology is helping to make supply chains resilient for the future.