Introduction of NTT

You may be familiar with the name, but how well do you know us? We operate in over 80 countries and regions, deliver services to over 190 countries, and have a workforce of over 310,000 people - 40% of them located outside Japan. We provide our services around the world as one of the top five global technology and business solutions provider. Since our inception over 150 years ago, we have been innovating for the benefit of people, clients and communities while always contributing to a sustainable society. Learn more about us.

New Structure, Same Purpose

With the recent reorganization as of July 1, NTT is driving towards the next chapter of the company's story. By consolidating many of the operating companies to create a truly global technology and business solutions organization, NTT believes that it will bring greater focus and increased value to clients. According to NTT, there are three critical components of this business strategy.

First, NTT will deliver high-value, outcomes-based solutions to clients to help them achieve their goals for business modernization and digital transformation. Second, it wants to help clients create the future with new and disruptive business models that fulfill their business expansion goals. Finally, NTT will stay true to the established foundation of global talent, trust, integrity, and the focus on connecting with its clients, partners and communities.

Taking NTT to the Next Level

Solving social challenges with clients and communities

“More than just an ordinary company, NTT seeks to solve social challenges with partnerships between various stakeholders as our mission and 'Your Value Partner' as our vision.

NTT is a company that promises to always listen to our clients and the world at large,” says Jun Sawada, President and CEO, NTT Corporation. He adds that “to act with integrity and develop trusted relationships with our clients, employees and partners is a core belief”; clients can rest assured that NTT will deliver on its commitments.

Always looking to improve and expand its offerings, NTT proactively innovates and invents. “We never stop looking for answers and better solutions to benefit our clients and society,” says Mr. Sawada. Core to this pursuit of continuous improvement is the importance of authenticity. “We listen to human concerns and strive to be a human company,” says Mr. Sawada. It is a characteristic that contributes to NTT being a world-leading technology and business solutions provider, delivering high impact industry-focused solutions.

Connecting is key

Always looking forward, the key to NTT’s future lies in its ability to forge connections. To NTT, connecting is more than a technical or sales term. “Connecting means reaching out and building new relationships with all our stakeholders, whether it's through technology, or stronger and more personal links with society, or by respecting our planet’s natural systems,” says Mr. Sawada. “In doing so, we’re able to connect the work we do to our one shared global future.”

A Global Company and Its Promise

By combining Japanese heritage with a worldwide presence, NTT believes that the best of all traits are brought to life by the company—authenticity, commitment, quality, trust, and integrity as well as always having a forward-looking, global outlook that is agile, innovative, competitive and dynamic.

An essential set of principles for NTT is always to be contributing to society, supporting its clients, and investing in a diverse and inclusive global workforce. At its core, the NTT promise is to be a partner that always delivers technology and business solutions that work for today’s needs—and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Catalyst for disruption

Through its business partnerships, NTT is pushing the envelope, finding new and innovative ways for its clients to engage with their customers. For example, through its work with the Tour de France, NTT developed an integrated platform that feeds spectators real-time information, thereby revolutionizing how they engage with the race.

In collaboration with NTT Basic Research Laboratories, NTT DATA has also trialed a system for gathering real-time biomedical data for motorsport drivers in the world’s fastest races, including the Indianapolis 500 and other IndyCar events—all aimed at preventing accidents and unnecessary health hazards. Less speedy but no less accurate is the Data Wall installation at the British Golf Open, which enables data generated throughout the tournament to be made available to the public in real time. This interactive viewing system allows people to enjoy the sport as never before.

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