Committed to a
Sustainable Future

Powering innovation
towards a sustainable

Sustainability is all encompassing and includes every element of our life, our work, our health and our communities. We are at a tipping point to make a meaningful shift and set forth the changes we want to see.

Our commitment is to creating greater harmony and maximizing societal wellbeing using technological innovation while working to solve social challenges that support a more prosperous and harmonious society.

Vision for a Sustainable World

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Envisioning a
new future

NTT’s approach is founded on the concept of “Self-as-We”, that supports a transition from individuality and isolated groups toward more diverse cultures and highly connected communities—essentially a “community of communities.” Through it, we will develop several initiatives to promote economic growth while contributing to resolving social issues to realize a sustainable society.


Toward a better us

The Concept Behind NTT’s Sustainability Strategy 'Self-as-We'

Three areas
of focus

To drive us through our sustainable journey, we have set up a series of three pillars that define the NTT Sustainability Charter.

Each of the pillars comprises three challenges and 10 business activities that we believe are important for building a sustainable society.

Putting People and the Planet First

Creating Harmony Between Nature and Humanity

Health and Wellbeing Program

Let’s Talk: Sustainability
The Gift of Giving at Christmas

Solutions that
make a difference

At NTT, innovation is a part of our culture. We are constantly transforming businesses for success, disrupting industries for good, and shaping a better society for us all to live and work in.

Our business is guided by sustainability at the core of its strategy. We are accelerating technological innovation that supports society and industry as a whole by collaborating with partners and innovation experts.

Innovation for a
Sustainable Future

The greatest innovations come from being able to reimagine the future. IOWN (Innovative Optical and Wireless Network) is the latest example of an innovation that contributes to a sustainable world, lighting up the potential of new technologies that will break through current limitations. We make the kind of breakthroughs that enable a more naturally connected and sustainable future.

More About our Sustainable Vision

Sustainability Data

Realizing Sustainable

Sustainability Policy

Our Sustainability

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