Improving patient outcomes
with health data insights

Better data means better patient care

IoT and other digital technologies are the best allies of your health facility. Engaging in partnership with NTT Smart Solutions allows you to deliver integrated healthcare to become more collaborative, personalized and accessible.

Your patients deserve smarter healthcare.

How can healthcare benefit
from NTT Smart Solutions?

Improve patient safety and hospital experience

Improve patient safety and hospital experience

Save time and resources

Improve planning with better statistics

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Smart Space

#Enhanced Patient Observation

One authorized observer can monitor multiple patients at the same time. The system detects when a patient attempts to move from a safe position (bed, chair, etc.).


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Sustainability and
Smart Healthcare

The hospitals of the future can also work to achieve sustainability and protect the planet. NTT Smart Solutions can help you to develop a more integrated health service delivery and expand outpatient and remote services.

Smart Heallthcare help to fight communicablre deseases via non-intrusive temperature check and improve patient observation by remote monitoring .

Our wide range of solutions helps your health facility
go further

Smart Sustainability

A data-driven approach for your sustainability journey

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