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NTT XC Goals
& Purposes

Building community to imagine a sustainable future together leveraging technology in harmony with nature, increases prosperity and improves wellbeing.

Position NTT as a leading voice on sustainability in the tech sector

Co-create conversations at a transformative level in our community

Generate empowering and inspirational content with community

Collaborate with leaders across our community of employees, customers, partners, start-ups, policy, non-profit and universities

Showcase innovation with experiences, bringing to life the transition from 2D to 4D

NTT XC in San Francisco

The NTT Experience Center (XC) brings together the whole of the NTT Group to reimagine a better future together. Through immersive 360-degree experiences and interactive exhibits of our innovative technologies, solutions, and collective expertise brings to life the value of technology for our clients, partners, and the broader community.

Open Innovation

A collaborative, open, and creative design space for our clients and partners but also local artists, academics, startups, venture capitalists, and industry influencers. A place to attend events and forums igniting a meaningful conversation about innovation for a better, more sustainable future.

NTT XC Forums

#Net Zero

Collaborating with our customers, partners and across innovation ecosystems to support actionable and measurable progress toward Net Zero goals in line with our Global Sustainability Charter.

#Zero Trust

Led by NTT’s extended global CISO Council, we are working with partners and across NTT’s extensive data centers and network footprint to incubate the Zero Trust journey for our customers and the industry.

The NTT XC Podcast

In this first season of the NTT XC podcast, we will be discussing Zero Trust and attack surface management with leaders from across NTT to better understand how we can lower the risk of providing Internet-enabling technologies in more places of our lives.

Episode #1: How to Reuse and Recycle

We open our series by talking to John Petrie, Counselor to the Chief Information Security Officer for NTT Security Holdings about how NTT has worked internally across a complex global company in 130 countries and 330,000+ employees to adopt a common Zero Trust Framework. John explains that NTT has a responsibility not just to customers but to society, to be on the cutting edge of cybersecurity innovation. NTT’s numerous research departments focus on the cutting edge in cybersecurity looking 10 years out but we also work hard with the investment community and startups to bring the bleeding edge of innovation to our solutions so that we can protect our operating companies, customers, and society from cybersecurity attacks.

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Episode 2: Zero Trust and Bring Your Own Device

In this episode, we talk about Zero Trust and "Bring Your Own Device" with Alberto Laparra, NTT DATA Chief Information Security Officer for Europe and Latin America. We are at a moment in which the expression bring-your-own-device means using any device, not necessarily corporate ones and that means increasing security. Zero Trust is a helpful framework for continuing to enable the consumerization of IT as threats increase all the time.

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Episode 3: Zero Trust preventing and protecting organizations from attacks

For Moshe Karako, CTO of NTT Innovation Lab in Israel, Zero Trust is a framework that creates certain rules to follow to secure your assets. We are not working to prevent the attacks because they are inevitable but rather to reduce the impact of an attack on the business. And the only way to do that is to have a certain level of authorization before accessing assets. But how can we deal with that in a big corporation such as NTT?

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Episode 4: The Zero Trust experience

For us, Zero Trust tends to be the way that we're thinking about the security paradigm across NTT operating companies. For us to collaborate successfully, we need to be flexible and agile so we can connect in ways that formally would've been quite challenging. And the Zero Trust framework allows us to reimagine that Steve Williams, Enterprise CISO for NTT DATA Americas shared in this podcast interview. We talk about how a Zero Trust Framework needs to be adaptable and he shared that putting identity at the center is key to achieving that alignment and flexibility.

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Episode 5: Zero Trust and trends in the security market

We talked with Warren Small, Global Vice President for Strategic Growth and Incubation about trends in the security market. We talk about AI, automation, Zero Trust, and the growth of cloud making cybersecurity more critical than ever but also a huge opportunity.

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Episode 6: Collaboration in Zero Trust

Adopting a Zero Trust Framework, especially in a complex global organization, requires a shift in technology, process, and most importantly communication between IT and security teams. Making a Zero Trust policy and framework a success across the organization requires both security and IT working closely together. Sean Lawrence, Vice President for Global IT Strategy for NTT Holdings, shares the NTT strategy on Zero Trust, working with security and bridging the divide with identity.

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