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Co-Innovate to Build a more Sustainable Future Together

The NTT Experience Center in the heart of San Francisco is a place where our group companies share innovation stories and capabilities in collaboration with ecosystem partners and clients.

Enjoy 3D experiences, events, executive forums, innovation workshops, and meet employees across the global NTT group. Join us as we unlock the future of innovation for a more sustainable and harmonious society with industry influencers and leaders.

Our Goals

Co-innovate today

Foster our advances in sustainability

Promote Diversity

Showcase NTT’s innovations for tomorrow

Promote our products and services for different industries

Building community with our ecosystem partners for different industries

Igniting Innovation

Immersive 360-degree experiences and interactive exhibits of our innovative technologies, solutions and collective expertise brings to life the value of technology for our clients, partners and the broader community.

NTT XC Activities

The constant events and meetings in the NTT XC are the best environment to discuss the trend topics related to innovation and technology. These encounters with different experts and reference people in the field are the best source to create quality content about current trends and the future, giving the entire community a place to contribute their ideas.

Zero Trust Profile Book

An overview of NTT’s approach to adopting a common Zero Trust framework. And how our partners and startups are defining their own journey and the meaning of Zero Trust for them.

Content Hub

Learn more about NTT and the activity at the XC through the different events, podcasts and interviews hosted there.

NTT Experience Center

NTT Experience Center

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