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NTT Innovation Laboratory Israel is NTT’s strategic hub in Israel’s rich technology and talent ecosystems.

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Today, Israel is home to both thousands of successful startups and hundreds of R&D centers for major global tech companies. NTT established its subsidiary in Israel, to combine NTT’s business and vision with cutting-edge Israeli technology environment.

In doing so, NTT is further empowered by top-notch solutions developed in Israel, ensuring new value to NTT’s solutions, services, and strategic resources. In parallel, Israel’s rich, unique innovation landscape makes it the perfect place to start and build on a technological and business journey

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Israel is home to a world-leading, robust, and thriving technology ecosystem grown from the drive to solve real-world needs and challenges. This ecosystem is served by corporates, academic institutions, government agencies, and 9,000+ innovative startups.

NTT Israel helps customers and partners in transforming cybersecurity gaps into a collaboration opportunities creating a safer world by utilizing advanced and innovative cybersecurity technologies.

Today, more than 20% of high-tech companies use AI technology and the development of these disruptive technologies is one of the biggest growth engines in the Israeli tech ecosystem. We help connect you to the most innovative emerging technologies that can truly transform your business.

We are here to bridge your way to the 2nd largest hub of digital health outside the US. With 1,800 innovative companies in Health-tech, of which 750 in Digital Health. Israel is well known for being one of the world’s leading health tech sandboxes, as 98% of the medical records in Israel are digitalized with 30 years track record.

We help you connect to the right technologies in Israel’s world-renowned cybersecurity ecosystem to help create a safer world. This includes 500+ companies and startups, leading academic institutions, and six dedicated government agencies.

Partnering for success

NTT Israel Innovation Program offers you a free reach-out to the Israeli innovative ecosystem with a fully supported process where we take advantage of existing Israeli technologies to instantly solve NTT Group’s and its customer’s challenges and needs with zero R&D spending.

By collaborating with us you will gain key access to Israel’s novel technologies, business models and partnerships and to an ecosystem which holds more than 9,000 startups working on cutting edge technologies.

Success stories

Read about some of the ways we’ve helped propel NTT business units, customers, and technology companies forward on their innovation journey.

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