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As the world moves towards more remote work, SAS Institute required a global communications solution that could handle thousands of employees and even more customers around the world.

When your company is present in every major country in the world, with customers in even more, how can you guarantee seamless online communication, especially while working at home due to COVID-19?

SAS Institute and NTT Ltd. got together to find the answer. 

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“Our team has to be able to communicate and collaborate to be successful, and they can’t do that without a platform—and the platform can’t be successful without a cloud service provider like NTT.”

— Eric Taylor, Senior IT Manager, SAS


SAS Institute, a global leader in Analytics, has more than 17,000 employees panning every major country globally, as well as customers in 147 countries. Also, the COVID-19 global pandemic has forced more people to work from home. For SAS’s international sales team to communicate with their customers, they used several platforms and solutions throughout the company. While many employees had been using Cisco Webex, some from specific regions were having audio quality problems.

Consequently, SAS realized they needed a single, robust communication platform. SAS began looking for a partner to work with, subsequently choosing the Cloud Communications division of NTT Ltd.


NTT and SAS developed a plan for their employees and performed an overnight switch to total company use of Webex. NTT also offered training opportunities and communications, allowing the SAS IT team to focus on other activities. This Cloud-Connected Audio solution was also implemented so that the entire company could enjoy the same level of audio quality, no matter who their service provider was.

Finally, a new digital events solution was put in place, as SAS was looking to deliver high-quality self-service webinars and fully produced large-scale meetings.


SAS enjoyed several benefits from the switchover to a cloud-based solution. Employees immediately noticed a significant improvement in the overall audio quality during calls and a general improvement in the user experience. SAS could also put on several self-produced webinars every week. Perhaps the most significant benefit of this switchover was that SAS could see the cloud’s true potential. The cloud solution provided flexibility, the key to working from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

SAS employees received support from a single, global service provider, no matter where their business was taking place.