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Smart technology enhances fan experience and achieves maximum engagement.

Technology delivers a winning edge

The partnership between INDYCAR and NTT has created the NTT INDYCAR SERIES, one of the greatest series in all motorsports, which includes the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway and other venues. To bring in a new wave of advanced analytics in sports, they called upon NTT Smart Solutions.

NTT Smart Solutions faced a double challenge – they had, on one hand, to offer an enhanced and revolutionary fan experience and, on the other, to improve safety and security during the races. Thanks to AI and predictive analytics, NTT Smart Solutions transformed how sports organizations plan, compete and make decisions in the digital world.

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Together we enable a smarter world

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Other Client Success Stories

The future begins in the great city of Las Vegas

The future begins in the great city of Las Vegas

Once again, Las Vegas has shown its pioneering spirit, taking the lead to become a truly Smart City & Parks. 
The future begins in the great city of Las Vegas

Digital transformation reaches University of California, Berkeley

NTT has developed a connected-campus project to with the Parking and Transportation Department of Berkeley.  
The future begins in the great city of Las Vegas

Facing new challenges in public transportation in Victoria, Australia

After revolutionizing the history of its transport network, the State of Victoria and NTT faced an unexpected challenge: the impact of COVID-19 on the public transportation system. 
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