Data analytics and technology can contribute to confront and mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and to move towards a better future.

Together, We Will Emerge Stronger.

The world is faced with a health emergency impacting many people’s lives and well-being. At NTT we are accelerating our smart solutions to focus on helping alleviate the impact of this crisis and help move forward.

We know there are endless possibilities that good data and analytics can provide to help address the challenges. We are committed to support people, clients and communities during this difficult time and to help them move into a better future with confidence.

Our teams are working diligently to develop new innovative technologies and smart solutions that respond the specific challenges caused by COVID-19. This includes addressing shifts in consumption patterns, management of social distance controls, improvement of health logistics, and other key new patterns of daily life. This will help us all return as quickly as possible to the life and well-being that existed before this global pandemic.

“I firmly believe that by prioritizing safety, trust and resilience, we will move through this crisis together.”
Bob Pryor, CEO of NTT DATA Services.
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Accelerating Smart Solutions to Enable a Smarter World

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